7th Grade Reflection | Fab or Flop?

Staying up ’till midnight finishing homework, paying yet again for another school iPad, planning last-minute surprise parties for best friends. I’ll tell you this, my 7th grade year had definitely been something.

Let’s start off with the bad first. Homework. Yes, that’s right. Homework. Ranging from detailed “multi-paragraphed” [oh, the horror] blog posts, to 30 problem math packets ranging from easy to I-don’t-even-have-a-clue-what-that-says difficult. Once in a blue moon, you have almost no homework, but on those days, you spend the whole night studying for exams or tearing your hair apart thinking that you forgot something in your locker. Usually the latter. Almost every single other day, you basically have to stay up ’till one, sometimes even two, finishing up everything. And that’s not even the worst of it.

Extracurricular activities. We all have that one activity after school that goes on for two hours. For me it’s swimming. Right when I get home, I try to finish as much homework as I can, and then I put on my swim suit and head off to swim team. These meets usually go on for two hours for 5 days a week, and starts at 6:45 and ends at nine. Whoop-dee-doo. As I come back home with the impending disaster of homework looming over my head, I usually make a mental-checklist of what I have left to do. And then I go home, stay up until one, and do every last bit of homework left.

On a brighter note, 7th grade wasn’t all that bad. One good thing that came out of it was making new friends. I recently joined a few new clubs at my school. NJHS, All For Equality, and Math Counts. Through all these activities, I feel as if I have developed a stronger, more stable position on that social scale. I am no longer that one wallflower who sits off to the side at track meets and school dances. I am dancing along with everyone else. My anxiety has gotten a lot less volatile, and now I can actually talk to new people with out having a mental breakdown! [Yes, it has happened. Don’t even get me started.] I have developed more rigid bonds with some of my old friends, and made new bonds with new friends! Oh, and for those friends, no, they are not even classified as friends anymore. For those people who have been rude to me from the start, or were just using me to get to someone else, I have cut off all ties to.

So here’s some advice for new children entering the world of seventh grade.

1. Kiss-up to teachers as much as you want. It only gets you further in life.
2. Do your homework at any point during the day when you have time. Wouldn’t want to stay up late, would we?
3. School before extra-curriculars. If you have a big project due the next day, and you haven’t even started, skip that volleyball tournament or saxophone lesson you have. You’ll have an extra 2-ish hours!
4. Lastly, get rid of all the unnecessary drama in your life. We all have some unneeded stress. Get rid of it! Homework will take up that stress-space anyways.

So Seventh grade. Fab or flop? Well, one word to sum up my all seventh grade experience is…


To viewers, how was your seventh grade experience? How do you expect the next school year to be? Leave your comments down below!

After, Saving Elliot, Mars, Etc. | Works On Wattpad

Bad boy vs. good girl, fanfiction, horror stories, poetry, letters. You name it, Wattpad’s got it.

So, it all started a couple of months ago, when I decided to look up a site called Wattpad, which had fabulous reviews from many of my friends. They had told me many things, that the books on there were wonderful, better than most fictional works published. I had thought they were exaggerating, but I was completely utterly wrong. After a few weeks of hounding from my friends to make a Wattpad account, I decided to, having no idea what I was getting myself into.

To start of, the romance novels and fanfictions caught my eye. After, one of my most praised pieces of literature, ended up at the top, tying with a bad-boy vs. good-girl novel called Saving Elliot. After was about 300 chapters and still ongoing! Saving Elliot is currently on hiatus, which I am very depressed about, but so far, it is 35-ish chapters, with 6-7 pages per chapter. These books are still my favorite, along with a couple others which made my top ten.

One was a short story called Mars. Mars is a story about the suicide attempt by a boy, and it’s relations to the universe and galaxies. This piece is very heart-warming at times, and is very soulful. Another that made my top ten was a collection of short stories, called Bitter Sweets. One of these stories was about a girl with schizophrenia, who struggled with this, and ended up killing herself. The last story I will recommend is a story called Cherry Knots. A beautiful love story about two teenagers with their fair share of problems, Cherry Knots has extraordinary language and can be pictured very well.

Side Note- I am currently writing two pieces on Wattpad, one called Alterations, and a collection of short stories called Acid. Please check them out if you have the time.

I have started all of you guys in the journey of Wattpad, giving y’all a few stories to start of with. If you choose to continue this expedition, you will have to discover the rest by yourself.

Poetry [Untitled]

and you are
the sweet symphony
of tears
that lays me down
to sleep at night.

oh, such a sweet
and gentle sound,
like a hundred,
a thousand,
a million
screaming sighs.

(Monica Lin)

This poem is a published poem by a new author named Monica Lin. I own her book, Second Guessing, and it is a collection of her works. When I turned the page to this poem, I felt as if something lit up in me. This poem is like its very own love story, telling the tale of a broken man putting a woman to sleep, and that woman is the one who will fix him. This is a love story, and I am a sucker for love stories.

Week 4-5: Media and a Memory


Dinosaur. When some people hear the word “dinosaur”, they think of T-Rex’s or some other big scary dinosaur. When I hear the word “dinosaur”,  I think of something completely different. I think of a big purple creature with a green belly. I think of a friendly beast that wouldn’t harm a fly. I think of my old childhood friend. I think of Barney.

Barney used to be my life. My first toy was a small purple Barney doll. I would never go anywhere without it. I was obsessed with that doll. Then I got introduced to his movies. Oh, what fun it was to spend every waking hour with Barney. I was never without my little purple dinosaur.

My parents told me that one day I accidentally broke his head. It was apparently the worst day of my life. I spent the whole day crying, and refusing to eat or do anything. I remember making him a little grave in our garden in California. They also told me that when they bought me another Barney doll, I was elated. I remember sewing him little clothes to wear, and trying to feed him some of my food so he wouldn’t starve. I still have that Barney doll.

I grew out of that phase, and many others after that, but it was an important part of my life. It was actually my first phase or fandom. Currently, I am engaged in a lot of fandoms, but I will always remember how Barney gave me a head start into this world.


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Joe Shlabotnik via Compfight

Week 3: My Favorite Quotation

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.” ~Ed Sheeran
This quote means a lot to me. Maybe because one of my favorite artists said it, maybe because of the poet-like quality of it, maybe even the message behind the words. All I know, is that when I’m feeling down, repeating this over and over again, will make me feel okay again.

One of the reasons why I like this quote is because it is sort-of like my stress reliever. Some people count to 10, some go cry alone, some use a stress ball. All I have to do is repeat this over and over again to myself, and instantly it makes me feel like whatever happened was done with, that it’s not the end of the world.

On top of that, this quote was was written by one of my favorite artists, Ed Sheeran. He is a big inspiration to me, and his story also gives some meaning behind his words. When he first tried to get into the music business, he was instantly rejected. Nobody liked his quirky quality, his bright red hair, the fact that he was different. You had to sound like every other singer in the industry. That was when Ed got very depressed. He started singing his songs alone outside, oblivious to the rest of the world. Then one day, a record dealer heard him pkaying, and immediately asked him to record some songs in the studio. He turned out to be a hit.

So basically, for me, this quote is saying, always follow your dreams and never give up. Everything will be okay in the end.

(what is your favorite quote, and what does it mean to you? write in the comments below!)

Week 2: Oh, The Places You’ll Go! [In Austin, TX]

White Christmas lights were hanging around the ceiling. You could hear some Italian folk-music playing in the background, drowned out by the lively chatter of adults to small children. Austin has so many great places to see, but my favorite, by far, is Mimi’s Cafe.

To start off with, the food is especially delectable. The salads are crunchy with bittersweet olives, the sodas melt into your mouth with a burning taste in your throat, even the ice-cream sundaes have a rich chocolate-y flavor and is always topped off with extra whipped cream. For the kids, the spicy spaghetti and juicy, tender burgers are a crowd-pleaser. Ugh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

To top it off, the Italian decor is beautiful. As I mentioned earlier, there are festive Christmas lights hanging around the ceiling, and Italian music playing. But, there are also homely photographs of nice customers, and my favorite, elegant chandeliers hanging all over the ceiling. The whole place looks sort-of like a queen’s ballroom and a homely resteraunt combined, a very pretty Italian vibe.

So, if you are ever in need for new foods to try out, or have to take your child to celebrate an award, Mimi’s Cafe is always a crowd-pleaser.


Question of passion

The inky darkness swirled around me. I couldn’t see the light. I couldn’t see anything. I was alone.

The inability to find him, my mysterious Angel, scared me. Whenever I called for him, even in my dreams, he always came, until now. My eyes started adjusting to the darkness, slowly, but surely. My head was turning, front to back, side to side, trying to comprehend my surroundings. Finally I stopped looking. I kept seeing the same thing. Myself. The room was full of mirrors.

The thought that someone might, just might, rescue me brought a little happiness. I lay down on the floor, trying to go to sleep, seeing as I couldn’t do anything. Many hours passed, but I couldn’t go into a full sleep. I was in the middle, just at the edge of the land of nightmares. Suddenly, I saw it. Whether it was a trick of my imagination or not, I saw a light. It was just a small sliver, probably reflected by some of the looking glasses.

Instantaneously, I heard the euphonious sound of the violin being played, a harmonious symphony of notes emerging into one production. My legs felt like jelly, and I perceived that my body was slowly trudging its way towards a gigantic mirror. As I stood in front of the mirror, I couldn’t help but sing along to the melody that was being played by the violin. I felt my pitch go higher and higher and right as I reached the top note, the mirror collapsed, and in its place was a boat, wavering left and right, in a smoky river. I detected something wrong in the picture almost immediately: the Phantom was steering the boat.

I pivoted, quick as I could, trying to find a way out, but I was trapped. The Phantom grabbed my hand in one fluid motion, and put me down carefully onto the boat. “Am I now prey to your lust of flesh?” I questioned, furious.

“Oh Christine, turn around and face your fate: an eternity of this before your eyes”, he bellowed, maliciously.

All I could do, was cry.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Emily’s mind via Compfight

Why Chocolate Should Be A Food Group

“Hey, pass me that dark chocolate peanut butter Hershey sea-salt candy bar, will you?”. Ok, so maybe people don’t say that exactly, but there are so many types of chocolate, that I wouldn’t be surprised if a ‘dark chocolate peanut butter Hershey sea-salt candy bar’ actually did exist! You know what? Chocolate should be its very own food group.

Why, you ask? First of all, there are millions of types of chocolate! There are so many types of chocolate that even Willy Wonka would be surprised. There is peanut-butter chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and so much more! If you’re like me, then you can never be content with just one type.

On top of that, chocolate tastes REALLY good, if you have a sweet tooth like me. Whenever I come home from school, I make some hot chocolate, with a mountain of marshmallows, and I eat some chocolate chip ice cream with it! Chocolate is the ambrosia of food-critics everywhere!

Furthermore, say that you were up studying really late for exams or finals. It is scientifically proven that cacao helps your brain work better, and that will get you a better score on the test. Or say that your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you. It’s going to take a lot of chocolate (and some Nicholas Sparks movies) to get you to feel better. But, without the chocolate, you wouldn’t be getting happier at all.

So this is why I believe chocolate should be a food group. There are many different types of chocolate, it can be a good part of your diet, and it makes you feel better! Plus, it also tastes good (for the benefit of us, children)! Chocolate fits all the classifications needed to be a food group!

Croup and Vandemar: A Sort-Of Book Review

“Every villain is a hero in his own mind.” -Tom Hiddleston.

Some people are gentle, sweet, and extraordinarily nice. Some people are you’re average Joe, nice but not too nice. Some people are mean, snarky, and outright rude. And then there is Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar.

Think of the most evil person you’ve ever met. Now multiply it by a hundred -no- a million and add a dash of sophistication and you’ve got Mr. Croup. Then think of the second most evil person you’ve met. Multiply that by a million, add bloodthirst, bland humor, and idiocracy, and there you have Mr. Vandemar.

In the parlous yet thrilling book, Neverwhere (by Neil Gaimen), Croup and Vandemar’s dauntingly dangerous attempts to kill the heroic Richard and his beloved Door (yes, that is a name), the bodyguard Hunter, and the eccentric Marquee DiCarabus leave us all petrified, but thirsting to hear more.

Croup and Vandemar have a secret employer that is trying to kill off Richard and taking Door for himself, so she can open the door for him. When I found out who the employer was, I nearly screamed! Their was a traitor in their midst. I’m not going spoil anything for y’all, but let me tell you, it’s going be someone that you’d never expect.

So, if you want to read this book, I’m just going to warn you about the terrifying danger that is Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar.

I Am From

I am from tossed root beer and tattered sweaters

From lavender lilies and black & white photography

I am from the dark crimson bricks and holiday wreaths

I am from the icy blue snowflakes descending slowly to the ground

The scarlet roses with thorny stems climbing up our California walls

I’m from holy days and big chocolate eyes

From Aishika and Aihika

I’m from Sunday coffee and swimming marathons

And from putting up the Christmas angel.

I’m from “Shut up!” and “Please talk to me!”

And from Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”

I’m from watching Saturday afternoon Doctor Who episodes

And from San Jose, California, and the Indian nationality

From  big  Nutella  sandwiches  and  delicious  Pumpkin  Spice  Frappuccino’s

From B-B’s blissful marriage, with the perfect diamond ring, and the final kiss to tie the two lovers together

I am from these moments, printed from my Polaroid camera

Lying in a heart-shaped collage, frozen, both on my wall and in my mind

A Merry Coffee Christmas my friends. © Glenn E Waters (Front Page) Over 17,500 visits to this image.
Photo Credit: Glenn Waters via Compfight